The Island of GOTLAND is in the middle of the BALTIC SEA

The Hanseatic Spirit has been restarted in Holland in 1980 and is again an association of more than 180 cities of Northern-Europe. We invite you to visit their website :

The Island of Gotland was the founding place of the Old Hanseatic League that was active from 12 to 17th Century. The Hanseatic Spirit has been restarted in Hansestad Zwolle in the Netherlands and is again a very active group of more than 180 cities in 16 lands of Nordlandia. See

Hanseatic Days of 2017 hapenned from 15 to 18 june in the City of KAMPEN (near Zwolle) in the Netherlands - We were there and we can say that - with the help of the Sun, it was wonderful. Have a look on our photo-reportage at - Password to download it in pdf is in Upper Case : HANSEDAYS2017KAMPEN - The next Hanseatic Days 2018 will happend in Hansestadt Rostock in North Germany - More about this next important event : Rostock is a wounderful city to combine your Hanseatic Days with holidays ! Watch video on youtube :

To reconnect yourself with the Northern-European Maritime Spirit, we advise to join the Boat Festivities of HANSE SAIL of Rostock. This year, it will happend from 8 to 11 August 2019. Their website is



The here above presented pictures were placed here in order to introduce you to the Historical & Geographical contexts of the GOTLAND SEMINAR.

It goes here all about Traditions & Spirituality of those contexts, as well as in stuying the past than in building a future for the Nordlandic Space & Folks.

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Long before Islam, another Monotheism coming from Middle-East has infected Europe with Norms & Values totally different than our Boreal Traditions. See here the spreading in Europe of cities that have the word "Saint" in front of their names. Happilly, the North has "Protested". We must now go to the Level 2 of this "Protest" = Going back to our Original Boreal Values ! Since the Fall of Ancient Greece, the word "Europe" is the codename of Southlanders to invade the North ! We need to build Spiritual & Social Walls ! More about our NORDLANDIC TRILOGY via

From Andre to Andre-Hans after Hanseatic Pelgrimage-Cruise

"Captain" Andre became indeed Andre-Hans to indicate he has done his Hanseatic Pelgrimage-Cruise all around our Sacred Island of Gotland... Founding place of the Old Hanseatic League !

The Island of Gotland was the Founding Place of the Old Hanseatic League, active from 12th to 17th Century in North & Baltic Seas. It was grouping cities from Bruges to Novgorod.

Another Euro North-South difference... Staphylococcus Aureus

The presence this dangerous bacteria... see de difference in this video. We are afraid that in Sweden, as it happen now in Germany with Massive Migration, that eradicated sickness is coming back. Technical explanation about this bacteria : see

When I see & study all what happend in Mediterrane & Middle-East (from a far past to the actual Libyan coasts, I simply start to think that the name "EUROPE" was their codename for their Operation "INVADE THE NORTH" !

Happily, not all are subverted ! May the Gods give a long life to the Queen of Denmark !

NORDLANDIA EXISTS ! Proven by Hanseatic History, Anthropology, Spirituality & Economy !

In collaboration with, we developped a range of items showing our NORDLANDIA Flag & Motto.

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